Welcome to the Royal NSW Canine Council Health and Welfare Charity Limited

The aim of the charity is to promote better health, care and welfare of dogs.

About us

The Royal NSW Canine Council Health and Welfare Charity Ltd is an initiative of DOGS NSW. It is a community charity committed to relieve the suffering of dogs, to assist in the direct care of abandoned dogs through support of the DOGS NSW Rescue Groups, and to assist with research into matters that will improve the health of dogs and thus improve their health and welfare.

Why us?

The charity recognises and promotes the unique bond between humans and dogs and will work actively to promote the welfare, happiness and health of dogs in the community. As the Charity is an integral activity of DOGS NSW it pays no rent and pays no service fees for the day to day running of the Charity. Of course, it must pay certain statutory fees as set by government agencies and very minimal administration expenses. It is run entirely by volunteers and has no paid employees; thus, unlike other canine charities, we can guarantee that money raised or donated goes directly to the welfare of dogs – a donation is not wasted on administrative fees because we can keep these minimal.

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